Steel Terms Explained!

Ever since the first development of steel, humans have been discovering new ways to produce the incredible alloy. Today, we are going to demystify just some of the infinite ways steel is manufactured. 

First, what is coated steel? 

This is steel that has been treated through a heat process to reduce corrosion. Zinc is the most commonly used coating. 

This process is called galvanization. Most commonly, the steel is dipped in molten hot zinc. 

Galvanization changes the appearance of the steel-leaving that fragmented, frosty look that is found on most chain link fences.   

Most of the steel used for residential purposes is stainless. Stainless steel is created by adding chromium to the metal alloy mixture in the crucible. It is named stainless because it resists rust.  

Steel is a very complex, ancient invention. Contrary to popular belief, it requires many years of experience to gather the knowledge required to make quality steel products.  

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