Questions and Answers

So what’s the difference between a dome cap and a line post cap when it comes to fence fittings? While a dome cap is used as a cover for end, corner, and gate posts, the line post cap is necessary for intermediary posts, when the top rail needs to pass through the cap.

Tension wires are manufactured with or without a pattern on them. These wires are usually used along the top of a chain link fence in place of a top rail or along the bottom of a chain link fence for additional security.

For easy opening of swinging gates, and to help with stability and remove stress from corner posts, install a gate wheel that swivels. Especially good for asphalt or concrete, it facilitates quick entry and closure

The caps on fence posts are for more than decoration. In the case of hollow fence posts, even metal, the caps prevent rain and snow from entering, accumulating, and causing damage because of freeze thaw cycles.

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